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LIVING WITH CMT: A Mother and Son Journey through Charcot Marie Tooth Disease

Welcome to the world of Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT) disease, a rare, progressive and hereditary neurological condition. Author Dawn Johnson takes readers through the physical challenges—the toll on the body, passing the disease on to her son, numerous surgeries, and ongoing treatments. She addresses the emotional toll as well, weighing in on the societal issues of bullying, lack of CMT awareness, giving back and paying it forward. Most of all, Dawn’s spiritual journey is inspirational. As a wife, mother, daughter, co-worker and friend, she shares a raw and courageous view of coping, while trusting God’s plan for her life.


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Brienda previously captured her mother’s journey through Alzheimer’s in the book Yellow Scarf: A Bitter Sweet Remembrance, never thinking she’d be writing about her own journey through breast cancer. But here she is, a survivor and advocate, who wants nothing more than to spread awareness and hope to others.

Follow along as she, her daughter, and her husband reflect on their paths to survivorship, for her battle involved the whole family.

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Rob was born in Holland just after the war, when jobs and food had to be shared with too many people trying everything they could to survive. His family was poor, and everyone worked long hours for a daily meal and bare essentials.

As a young boy he accepted any job to support his family…until the day he was giving a chance to work in the oil industry. He soon experienced how tough it is to be accepted by a drilling crew and to work hard for more than twelve hours a day under sometimes severe weather and dangerous operational conditions.