You Are Going to Make It!

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This book is about a journey of transformation from being married to becoming single as a faith driven woman. From the view of one who walked through, lived the life and became victorious, this book will take you to a place deep within yourself. If you have gone through any struggle in life, you will find yourself within these pages.

This compassionate and touching story uncovers the feelings and emotions women experience during the tearing and separation of a marriage. When it comes to hurt and pain, we’re all the same (Christians or not), and this is what connects us as women.

The author Lucille Ankum uses her personal experiences to share how she made it through the storms of a rocky divorce. This book will awaken you and provides healing for your soul.

Lucille will capture your heart in a way that’s unforgettable. The book is meant to minister, encourage and help mend the brokenness. It will take you to a place of total surrender, and each step will remind you of its title: You are going to make it!