Untying The Knots Before Tying The Knot

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There is no right age per se for marriage, but for it to have a fighting chance in our age, when fifty percent or slightly higher will end in divorce, there has to be a level of readiness for those who want to go into it. There is no perfect individual, and so there will never be a perfect marriage. However, when we walk according to the guidelines of the original author of marriage, it ensures a level of preparedness and safety. This preparation involves identifying those issues in individuals which are like knots. These knots can undermine and actually undo marriage relationships. Most of those proverbial “little foxes that spoil the vine” in marriage are identified in this book and dealt with from Biblical perspectives.

About the Author

Rose Enyioma is a children’s Sunday school teacher and taught Christian youth fellowship classes for several years. She also organizes and speaks at women’s conferences. Her passion is strengthening Christian homes and marriages as well as equipping young adults with Biblical skills for successful marriages. She is a nurse and runs an independent consultant company for home health agencies. Rose obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from University of Nigeria, and Master’s degree in Nursing Education from Capella University, Minneapolis. She currently lives with her husband and three children in Missouri City, Texas.