Get the Scammer

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The robo caller scammed the wrong person. A sweet lady who had friends that knew how to find him.

Brody Alexander, retired Navy Seal, is on a personal mission to help his elderly next-door neighbor, Mary, get her life’s savings back from the scammer who duped her. The only thing she did wrong was trust the bastard. Brody can’t wait to strike back, not only for her but for himself. Every time he gets a scam call, he wishes he could reach through the phone and grab the jerk by the throat. This is his chance. His two best friends helped track Mary’s scammer down. Brody’s on his way to put the squeeze on him. Literally.

However, when Brody makes contact with the scammer, he learns the elderly are being killed for profit, leading to a diabolical plan by one evil man to conquer the world for himself and his bloodline forever.

As the simple scam investigation turns into a life-and-death mission, how will Brody’s team take down a diabolical cartel?