For The Love Of Oil

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Rob was born in Holland just after the war, when jobs and food had to be shared with too many people trying everything they could to survive. His family was poor, and everyone worked long hours for a daily meal and bare essentials.

As a young boy he accepted any job to support his family…until the day he was giving a chance to work in the oil industry. He soon experienced how tough it is to be accepted by a drilling crew and to work hard for more than twelve hours a day under sometimes severe weather and dangerous operational conditions.

After years of searching, he finds the love of his life, starts a family and follows his path from roustabout until attaining the position in charge of drilling operations. In the meantime, his closest friends are witnessing and surviving some of the most devastating oil field disasters created by careless human mistakes.

His career leads him from drilling rigs to the Head Office as Operations Manager, where he is confronted with bribes and other intrigues. Managers instilled with honest and fair business ethics are replaced with white-collar criminals, who feel they are above any law. Their only aim is to get rich in the shortest possible time by manipulating the stock market and destroying well-established companies. Rob becomes a witness to his company’s becoming a target of their greed, leading his family to start a new journey in the land of opportunity.

Avoiding human mistakes was always Rob’s most important goal, and he set out to implement his plan to save lives and prevent environmental disasters.