Two Wheels to Nova Scotia

Two Wheels to Nova Scotia

Two Wheels to Nova Scotia: A Father and Son’s Adventure of a Lifetime

Published February 20, 2024

by Mark Johnson
photography by Matt Johnson

To celebrate college graduation, a father takes his son on a memorable motorcycle trip from Georgia to Nova Scotia to ride The Cabot Trail.

From the Preface:

“Touring on two wheels is unlike other modes of travel. Riding a motorcycle is a smorgasbord for the senses. Upon a two-wheeled-memory-making machine, a motorcyclist becomes part of the landscape, instead of just a spectator with their nose pressed against the window watching the world go by. If it is cold, a motorcyclist is chilled. If it is raining, the rider feels damp; if flowers are blooming, riders are immersed in the aroma, and when the sun shines, we are warmed. The sound of the rushing wind and the pulse of the machine between our legs are part of the experience and the thrill. Motorcycle riders can feel the ebb and flow of a road as it follows the contours of a rugged coastline, or dips and swerves through a mountainous forest. This can be a religious experience, especially when the route provides great vistas and panoramas from which to observe some of the Creator’s finest work. The only way the experience could get better is to have someone with whom to share it. This trip provided both.”

Miriam’s Miracle

Miriam’s Miracle

Miriam’s Miracle: A Medical Memoir Wrapped in a Love Story

Published February 15, 2024

by Mark and Miriam Johnson

Out of tragedy comes a miracle…Miriam’s miracle!

This medical memoir is wrapped in a love story like no other, demonstrating God’s love throughout the most desperate moments and a husband’s unwavering and decades-long devotion to his wife.

Imagine experiencing a work-related injury that spirals into decades of life-altering pain and suffering. Imagine fighting a system that seems stacked against you. And imagine a husband-turned-advocate who documents the ordeal, sharing the raw details of an uphill climb through the halls of medicine and courtrooms.

As a wife, mother, and employee, Miriam Johnson’s nightmare began with a slip-and-fall accident that set her husband and nine-year-old son on a trajectory of caregiving that they never could have imagined. The Johnson family’s story is love personified — a transcendent and stubborn love made possible by faith, courage, and God’s ultimate timing.

Miraculously, Miriam recovered well after her son was grown and had a family of his own. Her husband, Mark, lovingly recounts the “then” and “now” and shares his dear wife’s victory over impossible odds.