Faith Unto Salvation: Is it a confession or an experience?

Published July 4, 2024

by Jim Tucker

Faith unto Salvation: Is it merely a confession, something we say?

Or is it an experience, a dimension of faith that takes us much deeper into a relationship with God than merely saying, “I believe”?

Jim Tucker, a pastor and missionary, explores these questions in a profound memoir focused on faith and embracing the true fullness of the born-again experience. He walks readers through the Christian journey, written from the lens of biblical truth that upends several misperceptions and misinterpretations of Scripture. His book has the potential to deeply impact readers and strengthen their understanding of God’s Word.

Follow along and be deeply moved and inspired by an easy-to-read account of first-hand experiences and miraculous occurrences, all attesting to the greatest example of love — our Lord and Savior, Jesus. This book has already touched many lives, and Pastor Jim hopes it touches yours as well.